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May 6

Nursing Education for the Geriatric ED

This month's webinar explores the educational needs of nurses providing care to older adults in the ED. Learn from nursing practitioners about the benefits of geriatric-specific nursing initiatives and discover sources of high-quality geriatric ED nurse education.

Apr 9

Boarding Strategies: Overcrowding and Shortages and the Geriatric ED

Healthcare Systems Roundtable Special Release
This topic was covered at the Healthcare System Roundtable event, exclusive to GEDC members. Because of the importance of the topic, GEDC is releasing the recording and notes to the public. To never miss a roundtable event, sign up to become a GEDC member

Mar 25

A Guide to Amyloid-Related Imaging Abnormalities in Alzheimer’s Disease

This live virtual webinar focuses on emergency medicine clinicians’ role in the recognition and acute management of ARIA, including how ARIA may present and what courses of action are needed for different ARIA severities.

Jan 22

Community Paramedicine and the Geriatric ED

This expert panel webinar introduces and explores the concept of community paramedicine and how it can be integrated with older person care in EDs. The webinar also includes stories from front-line practitioners about the benefits and challenges of community paramedicine in providing care for older adults post-ED discharge

Aug 14

Caring for Rural Communities in the Geriatric ED

This month's expert panel webinar considers how care is delivered to older adults in rural and remote EDs. We hear from an executive with the National Rural Health Association as well as three front-line clinicians who have made significant changes in small and rural EDs. There is something for everyone to learn -- both urban and rural.

May 15

Reframing Aging in the Geriatric ED

This expert panel webinar takes a solid look at the concept of ageism — what it is and how it affects the daily lives and clinical care of older people in emergency departments. The webinar features Marcus Escobedo who talks about the John A. Hartford Foundation’s Reframing Aging initiative and a team of ED clinicians — doctor, nurse, social worker — who discuss what changes we can make in our daily practice.  

Mar 20

Geriatric Emergency Management Nurses in the Geriatric ED

This expert panel webinar explores the role of GEM nurses and provides guidance about how to implement a GEM nurse in your geriatric ED.

Jan 23

Frailty in the Geriatric ED

An expert panel discusses frailty in the geriatric ED and why it is an important concept in the care of older ED patients.

Nov 21

What Matters Most in the Geriatric ED

Dr. Don Melady and a panel of experts discuss what matters most in the geriatric ED and how this can be integrated into the care of older adults.

Aug 8

Value-based Care and the Geriatric ED

Dr. Don Melady sits down with experts to discuss value-based care and how it is relevant to older adult care in the emergency department.

Jun 6

Creating an Educated Workforce for the Geriatric ED

Join us for a discussion about geriatric ED education and how to educate your workforce to improve the care of older adults.

Apr 18

Delirium in the Geriatric ED: Processes and Possibilities

Dr. Don Melady is joined by a panel of experts to discuss Delirium in the Geriatric ED.

Mar 14

Accreditation of a Geriatric ED

Dr. Don Melady sits down with experts in Geriatric ED Accreditation to discuss the Geriatric ED Accreditation program, and how to move up the accreditation ladder.

Jan 24

Providing excellent Geri ED care during COVID: Strategies for Coping

Dr. Don Melady sits down with geriatric emergency leaders to discuss how to cope with the challenges this latest wave of COVID brings to Emergency Departments while continuing to provide the best possible care for older adults.

Nov 8

Elder Abuse and Neglect: Addressing unmet social needs in the Geriatric ED

Don Melady hosts an expert panel discussion on how EDs are in a unique position to identify and intervene in situations of elder abuse, neglect and mistreatment.

Sep 27

Falls Assessment in the Geriatric ED

This Expert Panel Webinar will explore changes to better assess and manage older adults who have fallen and are at risk of falls.

May 17

The Geriatric ED: Making the Case for Its Financial Impact

This Expert Panel Webinar follows the release of the original investigation on JAMA published by Ula Hwang et. al. exploring cost outcomes of implementing geriatric ED programs.

Mar 22

Clinical Tips from the Interdisciplinary Team in the Geriatric ED

An Expert Panel comprised of interdisciplinary team members Kara McLoughlin, Suzanne Ryer, Maya Genovese, and Michelle Moccia highlights best practices, different approaches, and meaningful adaptations to practice that improve care for older adults in the ED.

Jan 11

Best Practices in COVID Care in the Geriatric ED

In this Expert Panel Webinar, our four speakers discussed implementing telehealth; delirium as a symptom of COVID; changing visitor policies for older patients with COVID; and community paramedicine to follow COVID patients after discharge.

Dec 7

Implementing an Observation Unit Model in the Geriatric ED

Our Expert Panel explores strategies to extend the assessment of complex older patients, funding models for observation units, workflows and assessment tools, and real-world experiences from international contributors.

Oct 19

Models of Nurse Led Geriatric Case Management

Our interdisciplinary expert panel discusses the role of the GEM nurse and how this role can create significant improvements in ED care of older adults in both system-wide implementations or in a small rural ED.

Sep 14

Dementia in the Geriatric Emergency Department

Morgan Daven, Dr. Adam Perry, Dr. Chris Carpenter, Dr. Linda Schnitker, Dr. Michelle Moccia and Pamela Martin discuss quality care for older adults with dementia in the ED.

Jun 1

Palliative Care Considerations for Older ED Patients in the age of COVID-19

Dr. Martine Sanon, Dr. Tammie Quest, and Dr. Erin O'Connor discuss important considerations for end of life care and palliative care considerations in older adults in the Emergency Department in the context of COVID-19 and beyond.

May 11

ED-based Models of Telehealth for Older Adults

Four leaders in the world of telehealth review essential points of implementing a telehealth programme in your emergency department specifically for the benefit of older patients. 

Apr 20

Optimizing Transitions Between Nursing Homes and EDs in the Age of COVID-19

Nursing home, ED and palliative care physicians discuss strategies for improving transitions between nursing homes and EDs in this time of COVID-19 – and always.

Mar 30

COVID-19 in Older Adults: Key Points for ED Providers

On March 30, 2020, over 380 participants from 15 countries participated in this webinar discussing key points for ED providers as the COVID-19 pandemic began. For up-to-date information, please view our Janurary 11, 2021 webinar.

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