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  • 10 Practical Tips for a Best Possible Medication History

    Wenya Miao, BScPhm, PharmD, ACPR and Chris Fan-Lun (BScPhm, ACPR, BCGP

    Pharmacists from Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto share how to obtain a best possible medication history (BPMH) in the ED and provide an example script to follow.

  • Transitions of Care in the Geriatric Emergency Department

    Elliot Lass, MD, MSc, CCFP

    A real-world account of how excellent transitions of care communication can have an impact on patient outcomes.

  • Emergency Department Care of Older Adults During the Time of COVID-19

    Kevin Biese, MD, Teresita Hogan, MD, Michael Malone, MD

    Ahead of the release of a supplement for the Journal of Geriatric Emergency Medicine, GEDC Faculty share important information about the care of older adults in the ED as COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations rise in many areas of the US.

  • Return on Investment of Geriatric Emergency Departments

    Reproduced and available for download with permission from The West Health Institute

    A one-pager for making the case for a Geriatric Emergency Department.

  • What does a Geriatric Emergency Department Look Like?

    Reproduced with permission from UC San Diego Health

    A look inside UC San Diego's Emergency Department in La Jolla, California's first accredited geriatric emergency department.

  • Why Provide Specialized Care for Older Adults in the ED?

    Reproduced and available for download with permission from The West Health Institute

    A one-page summary highlighting the importance of providing specialized care for older adults in EDs.

  • Geriatric Emergency Departments on the Rise

    Dr. Chris Carpenter

    Dr. Chris Carpenter discusses the difference a Geriatric Emergency Department makes in this news feature from WNDU Channel 16 news.

  • Leadership Backed Transformation

    Don Melady, MD

    At Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, the move towards being a senior-friendly ED has been a project of more than 15 years. It has been an organic approach to system transformation – i.e. one little change at a time leading to bigger changes.

  • Communicating with Seriously Ill Older Patients in the Emergency Department

    Michael L. Malone, MD and Adam Perry, MD

    Clear, caring communication in the ED may be considered a procedure and, like any emergent procedure, is improved with training and repetition.

  • Initial outcomes at a small community Geri ED

    Aaron Malsch MS, RN, GCNS-BC and Lisa Entringer RN

    The Geri ED program at Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Centre started in 2014 at the grass-roots level where a team of ED RNs & MDs came together to address the vulnerabilities of older adults who present in the ED but are discharged back to the community.

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