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The GEDC Team works with your sites and health system leaders to create a consulting engagement package that will help your ED or health system reach its goals.

The GEDC offers robust Consulting Services to help your site or system meet its unique needs, whether that be achieving GEDA accreditation or leveling up to achieve Level 1 status. The learning programs described below are combined to ensure your hospital or health system's unique needs are met. Contact us today to learn more!

The GEDC Bootcamp

  • The GEDC Bootcamp is an immersive engagement that equips your team with the tools to launch a Geriatric Emergency Department. It’s designed to provide context, generate enthusiasm and bring interdisciplinary teams together in a collaborative environment. Our team will work with teams from across your health system with follow-up geared to QI support and metrics reporting that will provide guidance and empower the success of your projects. After the Bootcamp, your team will be ready to apply for GED accreditation.

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  • Boosters

    Designed for teams who have completed a Bootcamp in the past five years and have well established QI practices in place, the Booster is a site-driven consulting engagement led by our talented faculty. Our team will facilitate reinforced learning and can be valuable for health systems seeking a higher level of GEDA accreditation.

  • Office Hours

    Office Hours enable teams to engage in a free-flowing, candid discussion with GEDC faculty in a small group setting. Typically an hour long, participants are able to submit questions prior to the session, but are free to take advantage of the unstructured format to get the best coaching and counsel from GEDC experts.

  • Webinars

    A highly-focused, virtual learning session, our webinars provide a formal presentation on a set topic with a question-and-answers segment moderated by GEDC faculty to follow. They can focus on the GEDA accreditation application process, EPIC metrics collection and data reporting and more.

  • ED Evaluation

    An ED Evaluation can provide your team with the tools needed to reach a Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 GEDA accreditation. This half-day virtual or in-person evaluation featuring one of our faculty members will evaluatefocus on your site’s current processes, policies, guidelines, staffing and physical space, resulting in a summary report that includes a gap analysis and recommendations of what needs to be done to achieve your goal level of accreditation.

  • Leveling Up Evaluation

    A Leveling Up Evaluation is for health systems or individual hospitals interested in moving up in GEDA accreditation. At the conclusion of the Leveling Up Evaluation, you will be provided with an individualized hospital analysis, implementation strategy, and plan to outline the major accreditation steps necessary to move from one level of accreditation to the next and resources to make your EDs journey through accreditation as seamless as possible.

  • Leadership Consulting

    Our core faculty members can provide strategic, relevant advisory services for health systems seeking counsel and support on a variety of issues from accreditation to programming. We can help guide decision-making to most effectively reach your health-system's goals.

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