Geriatric Emergency Department Accreditation (GEDA) and the Geriatric Emergency Department Collaborative (GEDC) Statement for Health Equity

The leaders of GEDA and GEDC are committed to ensuring that our older patients receive unbiased, non-discriminatory, well-coordinated, quality emergency care at the appropriate level at every ED encounter. We will foster a culture where the dignity and diversity of all people are valued and respected. We believe health equity is the foundation for providing equitable and innovative healthcare to older populations.

GEDA and GEDC recognize that accessible and equitable care is a right for all persons, regardless of their identity (race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality), ability, geography, social status, or ability to pay. We strive to create and sustain an inclusive and welcoming emergency department where all individuals, including patients, family members, employees, and community members, feel valued, respected, and empowered.

GEDA and GEDC seek to increase the ED workforce trained in geriatric emergency care in number and diversity and increase the capacity of rural hospital centers, as we believe it will help address the unmet needs of a diverse older population.

GEDA and GEDC seek to understand and address the unique healthcare needs and challenges faced by diverse populations to ensure that our services are culturally responsive, accessible, and equitable. Through our educational and implementation programs as well as the accreditation process, we will provide ongoing education and training to eliminate health disparities in underserved and historically marginalized communities.

GEDA and GEDC are committed to developing a framework in the future to evaluate data collection processes from accredited EDs. This will enhance our understanding of the diverse needs of the older populations, ensuring that the care provided is equitable and aligned with our commitment to health equity.

This statement was updated in January 2024.

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