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GEDC Members work together to transform ED care of older adults; catalyze action at local and national levels to support these care transformations; and evaluate the impact of these new models of care for older people.

GEDC is comprised of Emergency Departments dedicated to accomplishing these goals together, and sharing best practices in order to accelerate the evolutions in care models needed to improve emergency care for older adults.

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Member Benefits

  • Participate in GEDC Community discussion forum to learn, ask questions and gain insight from GEDC faculty and other healthcare professionals across the country.

  • Access to exclusive boot camps that will help you earn your Level 3 GEDA accreditation by exploring potential quality improvement (QI) initiative projects that are expected to elevate the level of care of seniors in one or more specific areas.

  • Opportunity to enhance your own ED’s reputation by contributing to the conversations as a leader at the forefront of geriatric emergency care discussions.

  • Access to education, implementation and evaluation resources for establishing standard care and conducting quality improvement initiatives for your ED.

  • Access to additional accredited online learning materials like peer-reviewed journals, blogs, educational videos and more.

  • Invitations to exclusive, expert panel-led On-demand and live webinars to further the conversation on key topics in geriatric care.

  • Individualized Support from a GEDC Core Faculty Mentors for discussions on your independent ED operations, plans, GEDA accreditation materials and more.

  • Opportunity to schedule Virtual office hours with GEDC Core Faculty and peers.

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