Mar 14

Accreditation of a Geriatric ED

Expert Panel Webinar
Monday, March 14th, 2022
3:00–4:00 PM EST

This webinar has completed and is now available on-demand. Please see below for webinar recording and supporting materials.

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Event Details


  1. To describe accreditation and understand how it can improve ED care for older patients
  2. To explore the different levels of accreditation available to ED
  3. To hear from ED leaders at all three levels of accreditation
  4. To showcase some ED processes that lead to accreditation

Expert Panel

Kevin Biese, MD MAT
Emergency Physician
Chair of the ACEP Geriatric ED Accreditation Board of Governors

Nida Degesys, MD
Medical Director
Geriatric Emergency Department, University of California at San Francisco
Level 1 Geri ED

Luna Ragsdale, MD
Medical Director
Geriatric ED
Veterans Administration Durham North Carolina
Level 2 Geri ED

Aaron Malsch, RN, MSN, GCNS-BC
AAH System Geri ED Program Manager
Wisconsin and Illinois
Level 3 Geri ED

Nicole Tidwell
Senior Accreditation Program Manager
American College of Emergency Physicians

Bridgette Dollhopf, RN, BSN
Manager of Nursing Aurora BayCare Medical Center
Emergency Department and Urgent Cares

Mitch Erickson, BSN MSN,
Geriatric ED Advanced Practice Nurse, University of California, San Francisco

Moderated By

Don Melady


Dr. Don Melady is an emergency physician at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Canada and a founding member of the Geriatric Emergency Department Collaborative. He is the author of the website – a CME accredited program for geriatric emergency medicine education – and the chair of the Geriatric EM committee of the International Federation of Emergency Medicine.

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