A Message Regarding Changes to Level 3 GEDA Requirements

Kevin Biese

Dear GEDC Community,

Effective July 1, 2023, GEDA requirements are increasing from one to four best practices for Level 3 GEDs. (All emergency departments applying for Level 3 GED status will be required to have care processes addressing limiting foley catheters, limiting NPO status, and limiting restraints, and then will have to add one more care process.) As your emergency department prepares for accreditation or re-accreditation under these updated requirements, I want to make you aware of the resources and opportunities available through the Geriatric Emergency Department Collaborative.

GEDC provides a wealth of resources, including implementation toolkits for geriatric-focused improvement initiatives, expert-panel webinars and e-learning modules. Our resources can assist you in achieving accreditation requirements, evolving the standard of care for older adults in your emergency department and meeting the strategic priorities of your hospital.

For support that is tailored to the specific needs of your hospital, GEDC offers a range of consulting services provided by our Core Faculty Members, including the GEDC Bootcamp, an immersive engagement designed to prepare your team to apply for GED accreditation. We also offer more informal engagements such as Office Hours, hour-long sessions where GEDC Core Faculty can provide you with coaching and counsel.

Most importantly, GEDC is a collaborative community that includes leaders in geriatric emergency medicine who are clinical champions for older adults in the emergency department. We all benefit from the shared knowledge and expertise of this collaborative.

If you are not currently a GEDC member, I would strongly encourage you to join the collaborative by applying for membership here.

We should not each do this all on our own, and GEDC stands ready to support your emergency department.

With care,

Kevin Biese, MD, MAT
GEDC Implementation and Education PI

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Kevin Biese

MD, MAT ( Co-PI )

Dr. Kevin Biese serves as an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine (EM) and Internal Medicine, Vice-Chair of Academic Affairs, and Co-Director of the Division of Geriatrics Emergency Medicine at the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill School of Medicine as well as a consultant with West Health. With the support of the John A. Hartford and West Health Foundations, and alongside Dr. Ula Hwang, he serves as Co-PI of the national Geriatric Emergency Department Collaborative. He is grateful to chair the first Board of Governors for the ACEP Geriatric Emergency Department Accreditation Program. His passion is for improved education and systems of care for older adults, and he has published multiple materials in both these areas.

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