Skills Fair: Mobility Risks and Falls

AMA and ANCC Credits Available

These five short modules cover topics relevant to the management of mobility risks and falls. Click on a module below to begin. You must be signed in as a GEDC user in order to complete these courses.

Mobility Risks and Falls: The Gravity of Mobility Risks and Falls

Falls & Mobility Module 1 - This brief module will explore the serious impacts falls have on older adults, the healthcare system, and what we as providers need to remember as we treat older adults in the ED.

Mobility Risks and Falls: Case Study

Falls & Mobility Module 2 - This 30-minute course follows the case of Mr. Smith - a fall case similar to any you might see on your next shift. How will you ensure Mr. Smith's injuries are properly assessed and what steps will you take before discharging him safely?

Mobility Risks and Falls: Interventions for Falls Prevention

Falls & Mobility Module 3 - In this 30-minute module, we'll review the basics of mobility assessments for older adults in the emergency department and introduce some simple strategies for incorporating either informal or formal mobility assessments into your practice.

Mobility Risks and Falls: Communication for Improved Outcomes

Falls & Mobility Module 4 - This 30-minute module teaches communication strategies for improving the care, outcomes, patient perceptions, and patient experience for older adults who have come to the ED after a fall.

Mobility Risks and Falls: Making the Case

Falls & Mobility Module 5 - In this 30-minute module, we'll look at how to make a case for value-based care in your ED, specific to falls and mobility protocols and interdisciplinary team consults.

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