Creating a Geriatric Emergency Department

with Don Melady and John Schumacher

GEMCast host, Christina Shenvi sits down with Dr. Don Melady and Dr. John Schumacher  the co-authors of Creating a Geriatric Emergency Department.

Don Melady is an emergency physician with 30 years of experience working in EDs with a focus on older people. John Schumacher is a medical sociologist with 30 years of experience studying the care of older people in EDs and health systems. Together they created Creating a Geriatric Emergency a practical and accessible book that provides essential, experience-based guidance on assessing the ED care of older patients – and improving it. The book poses more than 300 specific questions to guide readers who want to improve their care of older ED patients.

In this episode, Drs. Shenvi, Melady, and Schumacher discuss the value of this book as a resource for practicing ED clinicians, leaders, administrators, educators, and system change leaders.


Goals of this book project:

  1. To produce an easy-to-read, evidence- and experience -informed, practical guide to improve Emergency Department’s care of older people
  2. To speak directly to ED clinicians and administrators, hospital administrators and leaders, and system change leaders who need practical tips to implement improvements in their ED care of older people.
  3. To use research findings to guide the implementation of best practices and, in the absence of clear evidence, to make experience-informed suggestions for the implementation of good practices to improve the ED care of older  people.
  4. To provide guidance that is appropriate across international ED settings (e.g., large and small, urban and rural, high- and low-resource settings), leading to the improvement of ED care for older people.


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