Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center Geriatric Emergency Department

ACEP, GEDA Journal

The Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center serves veterans from a large catchment area in 24 counties of Northeast Ohio. In 2016, 12,274 ED visits (46.4%) were for veterans 65 years and older.

“We recognized the value of becoming a Geriatric ED Accredited site through ACEP soon after the GEDA Program was announced. The GERI-VET program has been in place for several years providing a solid framework, and accreditation provided a pathway for expanding our Geriatric ED services. Accreditation is a platform to discuss the value of our work with local and national leadership, and to promote momentum and excitement for our program. ACEP has provided incredible guidance and connections through the accreditation process, and its impact on older veteran ED care is tremendous.”

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