GED Nurse Champion Education Resources

Aaron Malsch, MSN, RN, GCNS-BC

As I was preparing an education plan for our geriatric emergency department (GED) registered nurse (RN) champions and staff at my own facility, I created a list of available resources.

GED RNs are are an essential part of an effective interprofessional GED team, and education in the principles and clinical topics should be a priority.

I wanted to share some excellent online resources for any emergency department RN interested in geriatric care. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but I tried to provide as many free resources as possible.

Geri-EM Online

Cost: Free
1.00 ANCC contact hours/module (8 modules total)

Geri-EM Online is the latest iteration of Dr. Don Melady’s outstanding online learning resource These eight modules are designed for emergency clinicians interested in providing excellent care for older adults.

Topics include atypical presentations, cognitive impairment, emergency management of falls, end-of-life and symptom management, frailty, functional assessment and discharge planning, major trauma, and medication management.

If completing eight hours of online learning isn’t realistic for you right now, I suggest prioritizing the modules on atypical presentations and functional assessment and discharge planning as an entry point to learning GED principles.

Click the link below to view all 8 modules:

Geri-EM Online

This course represents the latest version of and consists of 8 modules designed to provide in-depth knowledge about issues in geriatric emergency medicine through case-based learning.

GEDC Skills Fair: Mobility Risks and Falls

Cost: Free
0.50 ANCC contact hours/module (3 modules total with more in development)

GEDC is developing a series of focused modules in different areas of geriatric care. Three modules covering mobility risks and falls are available and more are on the way.

I recommend these to any ED nurse. Falls in older adults are common and these modules will sharpen your skills in looking after these older patients.

Mobility Risks and Falls: The Gravity of Mobility Risks and Falls

Falls & Mobility Module 1 - This brief module will explore the serious impacts falls have on older adults, the healthcare system, and what we as providers need to remember as we treat older adults in the ED.

Mobility Risks and Falls: Interventions for Falls Prevention

Falls & Mobility Module 3 - In this 30-minute module, we'll review the basics of mobility assessments for older adults in the emergency department and introduce some simple strategies for incorporating either informal or formal mobility assessments into your practice.

Mobility Risks and Falls: Case Study

Falls & Mobility Module 2 - This 30-minute course follows the case of Mr. Smith - a fall case similar to any you might see on your next shift. How will you ensure Mr. Smith's injuries are properly assessed and what steps will you take before discharging him safely?

ENA Resources

Cost: Depends on Membership. Not free.

The Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) provides a number of courses for its members, and non-members can pay a fee for access.

There are three  Geriatric Emergency Nursing Education (GENE) modules:

GENE Level 1

$$ – depends on membership. See link.
1.5 Contact Hour Credits

This online course provides the foundational geriatric knowledge, skills and systematic process needed to effectively guide geriatric patient care and improve outcomes.


GENE Level 2

$$ depends on membership. See link
3 Contact Hour Credits

Improve your geriatric patient care by understanding why high-risk patients present with vague and atypical symptoms.


GENE Level 3

$$ depends on membership. See link
.75 Contact Hour Credits

This course will prepare the ED RN to improve geriatric patient outcomes by providing an awareness of how language barriers in healthcare and a lack of empathy may contribute to a less than optimal experience and poor outcomes for the patient.


Contributing Faculty

Aaron Malsch


Aaron Malsch is the Senior Services Program Manager at AdvocateAuroraHealth (AAH) in Wisconsin & Illinois. He supports several geriatric models of care (NICHE, Geri ED, HELP, ACE Tracker, Geriatric Scholars). His focus is on nursing and interprofessional practice as it relates to the elder population throughout the AAH system of clinics, hospitals, emergency departments, home care services, and long term setting partners. In support of these models of care, Aaron has developed expertise in developing EHR workflow tools and reports to facilitate front line staff’s efforts and demonstrate outcomes. He leads the Geriatric ED implementation and achieved ACEP Geri ED accreditation at all AAH EDs. Aaron contributes nationally to the improvement of care for older adults, highlighted by being Chair of the geriatric committee at the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA), co-planner of GEDC symposium at the ENA conference, and reviewer of Geriatric ED Accreditation program at ACEP.

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