Geri-EM Online

AMA and ANCC Credits Available

  • For All Clinicians

    This e-learning series is designed primarily for clinicians working in emergency departments who want to provide optimal care to their older patients.

    All healthcare providers who see older patients as part of their practice – in primary care, in hospital, in long-term care, or in the community will also benefit from this content.

  • What's Included

    Each of the 8 modules in this series provides in-depth knowledge about issues in geriatric emergency medicine through case-based learning.

    The peer-reviewed modules include videos of simulated patient encounters, interactive multi-modal learning, recommended readings, and resources for use in the ED. A certificate of completion can be downloaded for continuing professional development purposes.

  • Authors & Faculty

    Don Melady, MD
    Marie-Pier Lanoue, MDCM
    Aaron Malsch, RN, MSN
    Kevin Biese, MD

Geri-EM Modules

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Atypical Presentations in the Older ED Patient

This module uses a patient case to explore the anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology behind the patient's atypical presentation, and how to best manage such a patient.

Cognitive Impairment in the Older ED Patient

This module explores delirium, dementia, and depression in older adults in the ED, and best practices for screening, assessment, and management.

Emergency Management of Falls in the Older ED Patient

This module explores an approach to the management of the routine patient who has fallen, and what constitutes an adequate ED work-up of the first-time or frequent faller.

End-of-Life and Symptom Management in the Older ED Patient

This module looks at trajectories of disease, prognosis, goals of care discussions, and best practices in symptom management, including pain, relevant to the ED.

Frailty in the Older ED Patient

This module explores the concept and definitions of frailty and its clinical implication. It presents tools for screening for frailty and highlights discharge planning and frailty prevention in older ED patients.

Functional Assessment and Transitions of Care for Older ED Patients

This module follows three patients to the Emergency Department – all straightforward on the face of things, but complex once you dig deeper. We suggest a framework, some tools, and strategies for assessing ALL the components of their presentations. And we suggest some best practices for the most complicated of transitions – ED to nursing home.

Major Trauma in the Older ED Patient

This module addresses resuscitation of the older trauma patient. It reviews normal changes of aging and their effect on standard trauma resuscitation, and makes suggestions for major trauma resuscitation best practices.

Medication Management in the Older ED Patient

This module reviews the physiologic changes that occur with aging and the effect they have on how the aging body both processes and responds to medications. It reviews points about polypharmacy, communication, and strategies to manage especially high-risk medication classes.

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