GEMCAST is created by Christina Shenvi, MD, PhD. She is an emergency medicine physician, educator, and academic coach. We are thrilled to be the new home to her podcast dedicated to topics in geriatric emergency medicine.

GEMCAST will be migrated to its new home here at GEDC soon. In the meantime, please listen to this excellent content by following the link below.


GEMCAST is a Geriatric Emergency Medicine Podcast: A series of lectures on clinical topics to help physicians, trainees, nurses, and paramedics who take care of older adults, particularly in the acute care setting. GEMCAST grew out of a desire to help share expertise in the fields of geriatrics and emergency medicine. By the year 2020, older adults (age 65 and over) will account for 25% of Emergency Department (ED) visits. Caring for older adults well requires an awareness of the syndromes that affect them, the common disease processes that bring them to the ED, and the frequent atypical presentations they may have.

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