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Resources for demonstrating the benefits that come from quality improvements focused on geriatric emergency care

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  • Expert Panel Webinar

    The Geriatric ED: Making the Case for Its Financial Impact

    This Expert Panel Webinar follows the release of the original investigation on JAMA published by Ula Hwang et. al. exploring cost outcomes of implementing geriatric ED programs.

  • Blog

    Return on Investment of Geriatric Emergency Departments

    Reproduced and available for download with permission from The West Health Institute

    A one-pager for making the case for a Geriatric Emergency Department.

  • Blog

    Why Provide Specialized Care for Older Adults in the ED?

    Reproduced and available for download with permission from The West Health Institute

    A one-page summary highlighting the importance of providing specialized care for older adults in EDs.

  • Blog

    Geriatric Emergency Departments on the Rise

    Dr. Chris Carpenter

    Dr. Chris Carpenter discusses the difference a Geriatric Emergency Department makes in this news feature from WNDU Channel 16 news.

  • Blog

    Leadership Backed Transformation

    Don Melady, MD

    At Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, the move towards being a senior-friendly ED has been a project of more than 15 years. It has been an organic approach to system transformation – i.e. one little change at a time leading to bigger changes.

  • Blog

    Initial outcomes at a small community Geri ED

    Aaron Malsch MS, RN, GCNS-BC and Lisa Entringer RN

    The Geri ED program at Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Centre started in 2014 at the grass-roots level where a team of ED RNs & MDs came together to address the vulnerabilities of older adults who present in the ED but are discharged back to the community.

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