Making the Case

Resources for demonstrating the benefits that come from quality improvements focused on geriatric emergency care

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  • Toolkit

    Making the Case for Geriatric Emergency Department Quality Improvement

    Easy-to-use resources for demonstrating the benefits of providing specialized care for older adults in the emergency department (ED) and return on investment (ROI) for specific geriatric ED interventions.

  • Blog

    Why Geriatric EDs?

    A short video exploring how care can differ for an older adult between a typical ED experience, and an ED with specialized geriatric care processes in place.

  • On-Demand Webinar

    Reframing Aging in the Geriatric ED

    This expert panel webinar takes a solid look at the concept of ageism — what it is and how it affects the daily lives and clinical care of older people in emergency departments. The webinar features Marcus Escobedo who talks about the John A. Hartford Foundation’s Reframing Aging initiative and a team of ED clinicians — doctor, nurse, social worker — who discuss what changes we can make in our daily practice.  

  • JGEM

    The History of Geriatric Emergency Medicine

    Teresita M. Hogan, MD, Lowell W. Gerson, PhD, Arthur B. Sanders, MD

    Volume 4 | Issue 2 | Article 2 - Review Article

  • Blog

    Are We Helping All Older Adults Who Need Enhanced ED Care?

    Kevin Biese, MD

    The improved and rapidly expanding systems of Geriatric ED care are inspiring. However, we must do everything in our power to reach all patient populations, especially the disadvantaged and their caregivers, in order for us to realize the true potential of GEDs.

  • Podcast

    Creating a Geriatric Emergency Department

    Dr. Shenvi sits down with Dr. Don Melady and Dr. John Schumacher to discuss their new book: Creating a Geriatric Emergency Department.

  • JGEM

    Ten Clinical Tips in the Assessment of Genitourinary Emergencies in an Older Adult

    Nicole P. Soria, MD, and Danya Khoujah, MBBS, MEHP

    Volume 2 | Issue 4 | Article 1 - Topic Supplement

  • JGEM

    Polypharmacy and High-risk Medications in Older Veterans Presenting for Emergency Care

    Paige L. Morizio PharmD BCPS, Vinita M. Mistry PharmD, Ashley E. McKnight PharmD BCPS, Marc J. Pepin PharmD BCPS BCGP, William E. Bryan PharmD BCPS, Ryan K. Owenby PharmD, Laura A. Previll MD MPH, Luna C. Ragsdale MD MPH

    Volume 2 | Issue 4 | Article 4 - Original Research

  • Blog

    Making your Business Case to the C-Suite

    Compiled by West Health

    Tips and hints on how to present a project proposal to the C-suite.

  • Podcast

    Genitourinary Emergencies in Older Adults

    Nicole Soria and Danya Khoujah join in as we discuss the importance of GU emergencies in older adults and get clinical tips to do better in your ED.

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