Case Studies

In order to complete the module, you must answer all of the reflective questions in this section.

Reflect on Video Interactions

The case studies in this section use video of simulated patient encounters. You will examine the doctor’s approach to each patient during the video, and answer the questions that follow.

Note: Once you have submitted your answer, it is saved and recorded. Expert feedback will follow.

Review Feedback

Once you submit your answer, you will receive expert feedback. You will also be able to see what others who have completed the program answered. Once you have reviewed the feedback, you may continue to the next step.

Participate in Discussions

You are encouraged to participate in the discussion at the bottom of each Lesson Page. If there is a subject or interaction that you would like to comment on, you may voice your opinions or share your experiences by posting in the Discussion section.

Posting in the discussion is NOT required to obtain credit. It is to enrich your learning experience.

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