Rationale for Falls Assessment

Let's expand:

1. Determine ETIOLOGY

Based on beliefs that multiple fall risk factors appear in various combinations.

  1. Multifactorial fall risk assessment
  2. with interventions tailored to identified risk factors
    • gait
    • balance
    • medication review
    • cognitive screen
    • feet and footwear
    • use of mobility aids
    • visual acuity


Components should include:

  • Patient engagement/education – Maximize safer mobility falls often limit mobility to ensure education and transitions to keep the patient mobile
  • Exercise program – balance, gait, and/or strength training (+/- endurance and flexibility training) in groups or individualized program (PT/OT)
  • Modify medications
  • Address foot problems
  • Optimize vision
  • Optimize home safety

3. Reduce FALL RISK

Follow-up with patient. Review care plan. Identify potential barriers to adherence.  Discuss maintenance plan (eg, exercise program, use of mobility aids, avoid high-risk medications or behaviors). Educate and empower.


OT, occupational therapy;

PT, physical therapy.