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Resources for setting up the interdisciplinary team and finding education in geriatric emergency care

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  • On-Demand Webinar

    Clinical Tips from the Interdisciplinary Team in the Geriatric ED

    An Expert Panel comprised of interdisciplinary team members Kara McLoughlin, Suzanne Ryer, Maya Genovese, and Michelle Moccia highlights best practices, different approaches, and meaningful adaptations to practice that improve care for older adults in the ED.

  • On-Demand Webinar

    Implementing an Observation Unit Model in the Geriatric ED

    Our Expert Panel explores strategies to extend the assessment of complex older patients, funding models for observation units, workflows and assessment tools, and real-world experiences from international contributors.

  • Expert Panel Webinar

    Implementing a Volunteer Program in the Geriatric ED

    Coming in 2021, we will discuss the benefits of implementing a volunteer program in your ED, as well as key strategies for success in its implementation.

  • On-Demand Webinar

    Models of Nurse Led Geriatric Case Management

    Our interdisciplinary expert panel discusses the role of the GEM nurse and how this role can create significant improvements in ED care of older adults in both system-wide implementations or in a small rural ED.

  • Expert Panel Webinar

    Launching and Accrediting a Geriatric ED

    GEDC members are invited to join us for our GEDC expert panel webinar: Launching and Accrediting a Geriatric ED.

  • Blog

    A Geriatric ED Checklist

    Dr. Don Melady

    Do you want to be a truly senior-friendly ED? Here is a checklist of all the possible interventions and improvements you could make.

  • Publication

    Geriatric Emergency Department Innovations: The Impact of Transitional Care Nurses on 30‐day Readmissions for Older Adults

    Scott M. Dresden MD, MS Ula Hwang MD, MPH Melissa M. Garrido PhD Jeremy Sze Raymond Kang MA Carmen Vargas‐Torres MA D. Mark Courtney MD, MSCI George Loo MPA, MPH, DrPH Mark Rosenberg DO, MBA Lynne Richardson MD

    A paper demonstrating that having GED-focused transitional care nurses is associated with reduced 30-day readmission for older ED patients.

  • Publication

    ACE Model for Older Adults in ED

    Martine Sanon, Ula Hwang, Gallane Abraham, Suzanne Goldhirsch, Lynne D. Richardson, and GEDI WISE Investigators

    The ACE Model, an Interdisciplinary Team approach to care for older adults in the Emergency Department, is discussed here.

  • Publication

    Models and Studies of Aging: Executive Summary of a Report from the U13 Conference Series

    Hurria A, Carpenter CR, McFarland F, Lundebjerg NE, de Cabo R, Ferrucci, L, Studenski SA, Barzilai N, Briggs JP, Ix JH, Kitzman DW, Kuchel GA, Musi N, Newman JC, Rando TA, Smith AK, Walston JD, Kirkland JL, Yung R

    Transdisciplinary perspectives exploring high-yield collaborations between basic science and clinical investigators in aging research from the Grants for Early Medical/Surgical Specialists (GEMSSTAR) U13 meetings.

  • Publication

    Geriatric Emergency Department Innovations: Transitional Care Nurses and Hospital Use

    Hwang U, Dresden SM, Rosenberg MS, Garrido MM, Loo G, Sze J, Gravenor S, Courtney DM, Kang R, Zhu C, Vargas-Torres C, Grudzen CR, Richardson LD

    A paper demonstrating GED focused transitional care nurses are able to reduce the risk of hospital admission and subsequent admission for older ED patients.

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