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Resources for demonstrating the benefits that come from quality improvements focused on geriatric emergency care

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  • Podcast

    Why COVID-19 is a Geriatric Emergency

    Christina Shenvi

    Discussions with Dr. Tess Hogan about COVID-19 and the elderly. Mortality is highest in this population. What can we do to make sure we don't miss it, and to help prevent spread?

  • Blog

    Geriatric Emergency Departments on the Rise

    Dr. Chris Carpenter

    Dr. Chris Carpenter discusses the difference a Geriatric Emergency Department makes in this news feature from WNDU Channel 16 news.

  • Blog

    Leadership Backed Transformation

    Don Melady, MD

    At Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, the move towards being a senior-friendly ED has been a project of more than 15 years. It has been an organic approach to system transformation – i.e. one little change at a time leading to bigger changes.

  • Podcast

    Principles of Geriatric EM Care

    Christina Shenvi

    Paul Dekoning and Lauren Bailey discuss some of the unique aspects of geriatric emergency care, how they present (and how they don’t), as well as some tips and tricks they learned along the way.

  • Blog

    Initial outcomes at a small community Geri ED

    Aaron Malsch MS, RN, GCNS-BC and Lisa Entringer RN

    The Geri ED program at Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Centre started in 2014 at the grass-roots level where a team of ED RNs & MDs came together to address the vulnerabilities of older adults who present in the ED but are discharged back to the community.

  • Podcast

    New Geriatric ED Accreditation – and why you should care

    Christina Shenvi

    Chris Carpenter discusses the new ACEP accreditation of Geriatric EDs and what your ED would need to do to become accredited.

  • Blog

    Geriatric Emergency Medicine Guidelines: rationale

    Audrey-Anne Brousseau

    Geriatric Emergency Medicine Guidelines to guide Geriatric or general Emergency Departments striving to be senior-friendly.

  • Blog

    ED iCare

    Justin LoChang

    The improvement and outcomes associated with the implementation of the Emergency Department (ED) iCARE model at Vancouver General Hospital, Mount Saint Joseph Hospital, and St. Paul’s Hospital.

  • Blog

    Geriatric ERs Reduce Stress, Medical Risks for Elderly Patients

    Lorraine Trecroce

    How stress impacts elder patients in emergency rooms and how staff in geriatric emergency rooms provide optimal care while mitigating stress.

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