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Resources on how to equip any emergency department with tools and environmental modifications for improved care for older adults

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  • On-Demand Webinar

    Implementing an Observation Unit Model in the Geriatric ED

    Our Expert Panel explores strategies to extend the assessment of complex older patients, funding models for observation units, workflows and assessment tools, and real-world experiences from international contributors.

  • Blog

    What does a Geriatric Emergency Department Look Like?

    Reproduced with permission from UC San Diego Health

    A look inside UC San Diego's Emergency Department in La Jolla, California's first accredited geriatric emergency department.

  • JGEM

    Clinical Aspects of Providing a Meal of an Older Patient in the Emergency Department

    Michael Malone, MD, Adam Perry, MD, Ann Gallo, Sandy Simonis

    This JGEM supplement highlights the importance and practical advice for providing food and drink in the emergency department (ED). This is a fundamental aspect to care and comfort for older adults who are in need.

  • JGEM

    Launching an Emergency Department Telehealth Program During COVID-19: Real-World Implementations for Older Adults

    Kelly J. Ko, PhD, Michael M Kurliand, MS, BSN, RN, Kevin M. Curtis, MD, MS, Christopher M Palmer, MD, Michelle S. Naimer, MD, MHSc, Scott W Rodi, MD, MPH, Zia Agha, MD, MS

    COVID-19 has led to a dramatic increase in the use of telehealth services, particularly with older adults, who are at highest risk of potential infection and mortality.

  • On-Demand Webinar

    ED-based Models of Telehealth for Older Adults

    Four leaders in the world of telehealth review essential points of implementing a telehealth programme in your emergency department specifically for the benefit of older patients. 

  • Expert Panel Webinar

    Launching and Accrediting a Geriatric ED

    GEDC members are invited to join us for our GEDC expert panel webinar: Launching and Accrediting a Geriatric ED.

  • Blog

    A Geriatric ED Checklist

    Dr. Don Melady

    Do you want to be a truly senior-friendly ED? Here is a checklist of all the possible interventions and improvements you could make.

  • Blog

    Emergency Department Environmental Interventions to Improve the Care for Older Patients

    Michael L. Malone, MD, Adam Perry, MD, and Rebecca Weeks, MSN, RN

    The Geriatric Emergency Department Newsletter is the precursor to the Journal of Geriatric Emergency Medicine. In this issue, the various low-cost environmental interventions that can improve the care for older adults in the Emergency Department are outlined.

  • Blog

    The Basics: Physical Environment & Equipment

    Don Melady

    A quick reference for improvements that can be made in the physical environment in any Emergency Department.

  • Blog

    Boarding and Overcrowding of Emergency Departments

    Michael L. Malone, MD and Adam Perry, MD, and Rebecca Weeks, RN

    The Geriatric Emergency Department Newsletter is the precursor to the Journal of Geriatric Emergency Medicine. This issue covers strategies for dealing with overcrowding and boarding in Emergency Departments and the implications for older adults.

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