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  • Leadership Backed Transformation

    Don Melady, MD

    At Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, the move towards being a senior-friendly ED has been a project of more than 15 years. It has been an organic approach to system transformation – i.e. one little change at a time leading to bigger changes.

  • Communicating with Seriously Ill Older Patients in the Emergency Department

    Michael L. Malone, MD and Adam Perry, MD

    Clear, caring communication in the ED may be considered a procedure and, like any emergent procedure, is improved with training and repetition.

  • Initial outcomes at a small community Geri ED

    Aaron Malsch MS, RN, GCNS-BC and Lisa Entringer RN

    The Geri ED program at Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Centre started in 2014 at the grass-roots level where a team of ED RNs & MDs came together to address the vulnerabilities of older adults who present in the ED but are discharged back to the community.

  • A Geriatric ED Checklist

    Dr. Don Melady

    Do you want to be a truly senior-friendly ED? Here is a checklist of all the possible interventions and improvements you could make.

  • The Basics: Policies, Procedures & Protocols

    Don Melady

    A quick reference for the senior-friendly policies, procedures and protocols you can use in your Emergency Department today.

  • A Pharmacist’s Role in the Senior-friendly ED

    Don Melady

    An interview with two senior-friendly pharmacists highlighting the important role of medication reconciliation for older ED patients and the benefits of involving a pharmacist in the ED team.

  • GEAR Consensus Conference Summary

    Dr. Ula Hwang

    The GEAR Consensus Conference took place on October 25-26, 2019 in Denver, Colerado. Full conference summary is available here.

  • Emergency Department Environmental Interventions to Improve the Care for Older Patients

    Michael L. Malone, MD, Adam Perry, MD, and Rebecca Weeks, MSN, RN

    The Geriatric Emergency Department Newsletter is the precursor to the Journal of Geriatric Emergency Medicine. In this issue, the various low-cost environmental interventions that can improve the care for older adults in the Emergency Department are outlined.

  • Delirium Screening at UNC Hillsborough

    Julie Reitz, Katie Davenport, Christina Shenvi and Kevin Biese

    We had a strong conviction, starting with UNC Hillsborough President Jeff Strickler and shared by ED nurse and physician champions, that ED care could indeed be better for older adults because it is the right thing to do. Also, becoming an accredited Geriatric ED helped give UNC Hillsborough a unique identity in the health care market. 

  • The Basics: Physical Environment & Equipment

    Don Melady

    A quick reference for improvements that can be made in the physical environment in any Emergency Department.

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