Why Hospital at Home May be the Best Option for Your Next Patient

with Mike Craig

In this episode of GEMCast Dr. Christina Shenvi is joined by Dr. Mike Craig, Medical Director of Advanced Care at Home at UNC-Chapel Hill, to discuss the “Home Hospital” model of care. This innovative approach to care provides hospital-level treatment in patients’ homes, offering benefits such as reduced hospital-acquired complications, increased patient satisfaction, and enhanced caregiver and patient engagement. Mike discusses the operational requirements, challenges, and future hopes for expanding this model to more patient populations. Additionally, a caregiver joins the episode to share their personal experience with the home hospital model, highlighting its impact on patients and families.

Key Points

  • The “home hospital” model provides hospital-level care at home, reducing risks of hospital-acquired complications and increasing patient comfort and satisfaction.
  • Older adults particularly those at risk of developing delirium, infections, and other hospital-acquired complications benefit the most from the home hospital model of care.
  • The program has led to high satisfaction among both patients and caregivers, offering benefits like increased comfort, increased engagement with care, and reduced stress.
  • Successful implementation requires a coordinated care team, effective communication, and a network of service providers to deliver necessary in-home care.
  • The biggest challenge is shifting the mindset of providers, patients, and families to see home hospitals as a safe and effective alternative to traditional hospital care.
  • The success of a program is going to be defined differently depending on the goals of the organization. Some key metrics include patient volumes, hospital days saved, patient satisfaction, patient outcomes ( infections, falls, etc.), and readmission and ED re-presentation rates..

Setting up a Home Hospital program:

The Hospital-at-Home Users Group is a website sharing resources and best practices
amongst hospital-at-home programs across the country.

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