Ten Commandments of Geriatric EM Care

With Christian Nickel

Christina Shenvi

Christian Nickel, an Emergency Physician in Basel, Switzerland, has developed 10 commandments (or suggestions) for providing high quality geriatric EM care. This is a dense, high-yield episode in which we cover a wealth of practical tips for improving the care of older patients.

The Ten “Commandments”

  1. Biological age does not equal chronological age
  2. Atypical is typical
  3. Be #uroskeptical – UTI overdiagnosis (see reference number 11)
  4. Vital signs: Normal can be abnormal; abnormal can be normal
  5. Gait is a vital sign
  6. There is no such thing as a mechanical fall
  7. Do not miss “the other kind of fall”
  8. Screen formally for cognitive impairment
  9. Look at patient medication
  10. Assess what matters most to your (older) patient. This is part of the 5 Ms: Mind, mobility, medications, multi-complexity, and what matters most.
Read about 4Ms


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Dr. Christina Shenvi is an associate professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of North Carolina. She is fellowship-trained in Geriatric Emergency Medicine and is the founder of GEMCast. She is the director of the UNC Office of Academic Excellence, president of the Association of Professional Women in Medical Sciences, co-directs the ACEP/CORD Teaching Fellowship, is on the Annals of EM editorial board, is on the Geriatric ED Accreditation board of governors, and she teaches and writes about time management at timeforyourlife.org.

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