Partnership Application

For Hospitals belonging to a Health Care System Partner

Before You Begin

  • Please review the partnership criteria and responsibilities below.
  • Please have the following information handy to make your application process as smooth as possible:
    1. Basic demographic information for your hospital (e.g. visits, geriatric visits, race, insurance)
    2. Your hospital’s GEDA status or goal
    3. A letter of support from hospital leadership. For some health care systems, we have received a system-wide letter of support from the Health Care System administrator who initiated the partnership application. If this is the case for you, you need not upload another letter.
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Partnership Criteria & Responsibilities

  • A GEDC Healthcare System will have demonstrated commitment from an institutional leader (at the chief executive level (CMO, CNO, COO, other), or a system vice president, or other appropriate leaders) in the form of a letter of support, expressing a strong commitment to a system-wide effort of providing excellent care to older adults.

  • A GEDC Partner conducts ongoing, interdisciplinary QI initiatives in GED care, i.e., launch one QI initiative at minimum every two years; and assesses and evaluates the implementation and effectiveness of QI projects that are centred around geriatric emergency care. Emergency Department-based QI projects in a focus area of the Geriatric Emergency Department Guidelines meet this criterion.

  • A GEDC Partner (or a team that represents the ED) participates in a GEDC training program or educational engagement and/or demonstrates active involvement in improving the care of older patients. Participation in GEDC Course or Boot Camp, or on-going care improvements for older adult emergency department patients meets this criterion.

  • A GEDC Partner commits to helping other members improve their ED care of older adults. For example, a GEDC ED shares its experience and best practices when asked to do so by other members so collectively we can advance the ED care of older adults. Open and enthusiastic sharing of best practices with other GEDC partners through conversation, written communication, or website articles meets this criterion.

  • A GEDC Partner participates in GEDC activities on an ongoing basis. Participation in at least 1 GEDC event (for example webinars) per year meets this criterion.

  • A GEDC Partner reports QI data (perhaps aggregate data) with GEDC regarding its QI projects as well as basic ED demographics. Sharing de-identified aggregate data (which will be kept anonymous on request) with GEDC Coordinating Center in order to establish the demographics of GEDC sites and impact of QI projects meets this criterion.

Hospital Partnership Application Form