Welcome to the Geriatric Emergency Department Collaborative (GEDC)

A welcome letter from co-PI's, Dr. Kevin Biese and Dr. Ula Hwang

Kevin Biese & Ula Hwang

Welcome to GEDC!

A bit about us

The GEDC is a collaboration of leading emergency departments, academic and private, rural and urban, from around the country and world, that learn, share, and grow tools and strategies to improve emergency care for older adults. Each participating emergency department is taking active steps to improve its care for older adults.  Rather than each of us figuring out how to do this on our own, we instead share our successes and struggles, helping each other improve care more rapidly from our lessons learned.

We provide GED courses and Boot Camps to train interdisciplinary teams about best practices in geriatric emergency medicine. Many of our members participate in these courses to launch their ED’s journey in GED quality improvement and even GED accreditation. Equally important, we evaluate the impact of GED implementation with the creation of a data warehouse and support the efforts of leading GED researchers by having multiple EDs poised to participate in geriatric emergency care studies and trials.

Our faculty are international leading experts in geriatric emergency medicine, our founding organizations are the foundations of emergency medicine and geriatrics, and our sponsors are passionately and generously committed to improving care for older adults.

As we launch our website, we are glad to have you and your emergency department partner with us in this work.

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What's coming

In the coming months, this website will offer a number of e-learning modules, quality improvement toolkits, research links and much more. We will also continue to offer GED Bootcamps and educational courses.  We welcome you to join GEDC, encourage your ED to apply for GED membership, and consider hosting or participating in a GED course.

We look forward to working with you in our continuous mission to grow the community of interdisciplinary healthcare professionals dedicated to improving care of older patients in Emergency Departments everywhere!


Kevin & Ula

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