Dead End: Challenges in Healthcare Delivery to Older Adults with History of Dementia and Incarceration A Case Report

Volume 4 | Issue 1 | Article 1 - Brief Report

Shruti Anand, MD, Saket Saxena, MD
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Access to primary care is challenging for many patients, especially for those with socioeconomic hardships. Many such patients utilize Emergency Departments (ED) for primary care services. It is challenging for ED providers to assess and manage patients with multi-morbidities and complex social needs who are not under the care of primary care physicians. In addition, it is always a challenge to determine a patient’s capacity to manage their healthcare and social needs, even more so for patients with mental health or substance abuse disorders. Geriatric EDs can help providers care for such vulnerable patients. The case presented below highlights the impact of some of the social determinants on individual health and the role of a Geriatric ED in caring for such patients.

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