Atypical Presentations in the Older ED Patient

This module uses a patient case to explore the anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology behind the patient's atypical presentation, and how to best manage such a patient.

Co-ordination of Care

A self-directed online educational curriculum. Lessons include a self-directed PowerPoint presentation with notes, references and an audio companion. Learners can complete the module at their own pace and start/stop as needed.

Caregiver Burden

Critical Topics in Elder Mistreatment Module 2 - This module will provide a brief overview of caregiver burden among those caring for older adults, including how this issue relates to the problem of elder mistreatment.

Cognitive Impairment in the Older ED Patient

This module explores delirium, dementia, and depression in older adults in the ED, and best practices for screening, assessment, and management.

Critical Topics in Elder Mistreatment

These five brief e-learning modules explore the following topics as they relate to elder mistreatment: falls and medications; caregiver burden; decision-making capacity; delirium, dementia and depression; and lessons from forensic nursing.

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