Brain Health in the ED

Educational Videos

Brain health is a major concern among older adults, and is greatly impacted by how patients in Emergency Departments are assessed, cared for, and discharged. AARP and GEDC have collaborated to create two videos designed to educate and raise awareness of brain health issues in emergency departments.

In our videos, you’ll see how doctors and nurses can take a closer look at older patients, incorporate brain health into their assessments, and take important steps alongside caregivers to make sure optimal care is provided throughout the entire healthcare process.

Delirium in the ED: Serious, Costly, and Potentially Deadly

Delirium is a frightening experience for patients and caregivers and has serious medical consequences including increased risk of readmission and death. Watch the video to see why it’s easy to miss delirium in the ED, and how we can take simple steps to identify delirium, and event prevent it from developing during an ED visit.

Dementia in the ED: Providing Better Care for Older ED Patients

A diagnosis of dementia affects every step of the ED process from assessment, treatment, to discharge planning. And what if a diagnosis isn’t on the medical record? Watch the video to gain some tips and insights.

Related Continuing Education

Atypical Presentations in the Older ED Patient

This module uses a patient case to explore the anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology behind the patient's atypical presentation, and how to best manage such a patient.

Cognitive Impairment in the Older ED Patient

This module explores delirium, dementia, and depression in older adults in the ED, and best practices for screening, assessment, and management.

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